Venerable Monastic Martyrs of Saint Sava Lavra

Forty-four monks of the Saint Sava Lavra received the unfading crown of martyrdom about 614, during the reign of the emperor Heraclius (610-641).

The monastery was attacked by Arabs in search of plunder. When they were unable to find the treasure they expected, they became angry and murdered the defenseless Fathers. Some were beheaded, while others were hacked to pieces.

Saint Antiochus (December 24) has preserved an account of the martyrs in his “107th Homily.” Dositheus also mentions them in his Dodekabiblos.

The saints commemorated today should not be confused with other martyrs of the Saint Sava Lavra, who suffered in 796 (March 20). The two dates reflect separate attacks on the monastery at different times. History tells us that barbarians raided the Saint Sava Lavra on several occasions.