All-American Sobors and Councils

The Orthodox Church in America has convened more than 30 All-American Councils since the first in 1907. In order to differentiate between the councils before autocephaly and after it, when the church began a new existence, it was decided that the councils from 1907 to 1970 would be called by the term "Sobor" and that these gatherings since autocephaly in 1970 would be called by the equivalent term in English "Council".

Therefore, the 14th All-American Sobor in 1970 became the 1st All-American Council. Prior to autocephaly, these gatherings were commonly called by their Russian name: "Sobor" even in English. In Russian, there is no difference in the name for the councils before and after autocephaly, both are called: "Sobor".

In this section, there are addresses, reports, minutes, church-wide initiatives, council documents, delegate handbook, parish workbook, and many other documents of past OCA All American Councils.

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