Boards, Offices, & Commissions

The boards and commissions of The Orthodox Church in America are responsible for a more diverse set of issues and concerns facing the Church. For example, the Pension Board oversees the administration and growth of the pension plan for the Church’s clergy and full-time Church workers.

Board of Theological Education

The Board of Theological Education establishes, maintains, and oversees the general standards and curriculum for the education and formation of clergy in the Orthodox Church in America’s three seminaries.

Canonization Commission

The Canonization Commission is responsible for reviewing and compiling information concerning the lives and labors of those persons who may be considered for canonization by the Holy Synod of Bishops of The Orthodox Church in America.

Commission on Canons and Statute

The Commission on Canons and Statute is responsible for researching and offering proposals to the Holy Synod of Bishops on canonical questions affecting contemporary Church life in North America.

Diaconal Vocations Program

The Committee on Diaconal Vocations considers applications for Diaconal Vocations candidates, provides recommended programs of education and formation for those seeking ordination, and evaluates candidates completing such programs. More information on this program for theological study is available here.

Office of Institutional Chaplaincies

Supports the ministry of full and part-time hospital, hospice, long-term care, prison, fire, police chaplains, and those in other settings.  Institutional chaplains serve in a variety of multi-faith settings.

Office of Military Chaplains

The Orthodox Church in America is a member of the National Conference of Ministry to the Armed Forces (NCMAF), and a member of the Endorsers for Chaplaincy Veterans Affairs Centers (ECVAC) and is recognized by the Armed Forces Chaplains Board to certify and endorse chaplains to serve in the armed forces.

Office of Pastoral Life

Supports clergy as they fulfill their vocation of service by offering resources that promote personal, spiritual, and educational growth and health.

Pension Board

In an effort to provide appropriate financial support for retiring clergy and full-time Church workers participating in the Orthodox Church in America’s Pension Plan, members of the Pension Board oversee the plan’s administration and disbursement of benefits. The Pension Board is elected by the All-American Council to oversee the administration of the Pension Plan of the Orthodox Church in America.