Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America

Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America

We are the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America (FOCA), an official organization of the Orthodox Church in America, and our mission is to proclaim, share and reveal our Orthodox Christian Faith through service, fellowship and example.

We strive to accomplish this by:

  • studying the tenets of our Faith
  • support and encourage Orthodox Youth ministries
  • support and encourage missionary growth of our church
  • encourage and promote unity among all Orthodox jurisdictions
  • establish practical means for Orthodox Christians to endure lasting friendships on local and national levels through networking
  • provide educational, cultural, social and athletic activities for the people of our Orthodox Faith

FOCA… Our History

In 1927, Fr. Vladimir Prislopsky and many far-sighted laymen and clergy organized the Federated Russian Orthodox Clubs as a national organization uniting Orthodox Christians in faith, fellowship and service. Throughout its history, the FROC served an important role in assisting in the work of the Church providing talent and resources in such areas as youth ministry, religious education, liturgical music and financial assistance for the seminaries, missionary work and countless special projects. Through the organization’s network of chapters coast-to-coast, a multitude of religious, educational, cultural, social and athletic activities were organized to provide an ideal way to meet others within the faith, beyond the boundaries of the local parish. Over the years, many ideas have been shared, many dreams have become realties and many friendships have been developed into marriages. In 1994, the convention body of the FROC petitioned the Holy Synod of Bishops to be officially recognized by the Orthodox Church in America and at the 1998 National Convention the organization was renamed the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America.

FOCA… Our Service

The major charitable effort of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America is its United Fund. To-date, nearly two million dollars in financial assistance has been raised and contributed to Orthodox Seminaries, missions, Alaska special needs, youth ministry, scholarships, International Orthodox Christian Charities and the Ohio District St. Vladimirs campground. In addition, Heartbeat Sunday is an annual project addressing special medical needs abroad.

Youth Ministry and Missions are two key areas of focus for service by the Fellowship. The organization’s Junior division is a vital network of local chapters providing activities which are interactive, fun-filled and provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. The program has the potential of being an important vehicle for creating solidarity among our Churches youth in North America. The Fellowship and the Orthodox Church in America have a strong working relationship in coordinating youth ministry on regional levels. The organization annually provides financial assistance for OCA youth ministry internships. The missionary effort in America is assisted by the Fellowship through annual grants to the Mission Planting Program of the Orthodox Church in America and through the organizations Mission Hotline program. Many local chapters and districts assist mission parishes in their areas.

FOCA… Our Fellowship

The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America annually schedules a National Convention as well as National Basketball, Bowling and Golf Tournaments.  Each activity is generally sponsored by a district or local chapter. The National Convention is held in major cities and popular vacation destinations. Recent sites have included Orlando, Scottsdale, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Las Vegas. The Fellowships activities are family-oriented. Attending a national event is an ideal way to meet others within the faith. In addition, many districts and chapters sponsor a multitude of activities on a regional level.

FOCA… Our Future

The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America has the talent, resources and network to unite all Orthodox Christians in America in fellowship and service, from diocese-to-diocese to parish-to-parish. It is an ideal forum to meet others within the faith, and to work together for common goals.


Read the Orthodox Christian Journal (OCJ), the Fellowship’s quarterly newsletter.

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