Orthodox TV

Orthodox TV

Orthodox.TV is at the center of a powerful new convergence of television, radio, and the Internet – a reality that is carrying Orthodox Christian information and communications into the new millennium.

Orthodox.TV provides many different channels of quality programming, ranging from Archdiocesan Convention broadcasts, addresses by the hierarchy, news, quality radio broadcasts, international and jurisdictional channels, interactive discussion groups, college classes, catechumenical instruction, and much more.

Orthodox.TV’s operating philosophy is founded on a desire to show the oneness of Orthodoxy throughout history and the world today by providing a communications hub that weaves together a tapestry of quality programming to meet the informational needs of all Orthodox Christians. Effectively, this necessitates a variety of channels, both television and radio, to accomplish that goal. Practically, the use of several channels allows constant, specialized programming, ranging from jurisdictional and cultural material - Antiochian, Greek, Russian, and other – to exclusive pay-per-view events such as concerts and conventions.

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