Loyal Christian Benefit Association Orthodox Society of America

Loyal Christian Benefit Association Orthodox Society of America

The Loyal Christian Benefit Association (LCBA) is a fraternal benefit society with a history that goes back to 1890. Our membership is an active and vital part of many communities across the country, providing service to the elderly and disabled, ministering to the deaf and hard-of-hearing, building homes for the poor, and performing countless other acts of Christian charity.

The Orthodox Society of America (OSA) was organized on July 18th, 1915 by Slavic immigrants of the Orthodox faith and chartered in Monessen, PA. Its founders sought to create a fraternal benefit society to celebrate their Russian and Slavic roots. The society absorbed the Greek Catholic Carpatho-Russian Benevolent Association Liberty of Perth Amboy, NJ in 1993 and St. Nicholas Brotherhood of Homestead, PA around the same time. Both organizations consisted of persons of Carpatho-Russian heritage.

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