Dismissal by Priest

“May Christ our true God, through the prayers of His all-pure Mother, of the Holy, glorious and all-laudable Apostles . . . and of all the saints, have mercy on us and save us, for He is good and loves mankind.”

The final words seem to sum up everything once again, (a) affirming Christ’s divinity, (b) reminding us that the Church is a communion of the living and of the departed saints, who also live, and are, in fact, our elder brothers and sisters in Christ; (c) turning to them to fulfill their essential role in the prayer of the Church by asking God to have mercy on us and to save us; (d) once again asking Christ’s blessing on us, that He would show mercy on us and save as, for it is His very nature to do this, “for He is good and loves mankind,” and (e) with the last few words, returning again to the act of blessing God by speaking of Him as “good” and the “lover of mankind.”

On special occasions, words are inserted at the beginning of the dismissal to summarize the achievement of Christ being remembered. For example, on Sundays, “May He who rose from the dead, Christ our true God . . .”