Leave-taking of the Patronal Feast of the Temple (Church)

When the patronal feast of the temple (church) has been celebrated, then at vespers on the same day as the feast, the leave-taking of the feast of the temple is observed as follows. (If the saint who was celebrated that day was a vigil-rank saint who is not the patron of the temple, there is no leave-taking. Also, if the next day after the patronal feast is Sunday or a feast of Christ or of the Theotokos or of a great saint having a vigil or polyeleos or an entrance or parameyas (readings), then at vespers the leave-taking of the temple is omitted.)

Lord, I call: 3 temple + 3 saint commemorated on the new day; glory, temple; now: resurrectional theotokion in the same tone.

Aposticha: temple; glory, temple, or saint of the day; now: resurrectional aposticha theotokion in the same tone.

Troparia: temple; glory: saint; now, resurrectional theotokion in the same tone. Litany and dismissal.

Thus concludes the service of the temple. (Matins is as usual.)

The order shown above is adapted under certain conditions. For example, if the patronal feast takes place on Cheesefare Wednesday or Friday, the leave-taking is combined with the vespers of the next day (Cheesefare Thursday or Saturday, respectively), which in this case calls for lenten hymns at the aposticha. As a result the following order is observed:

Lord, I call: 3 temple + 3 saint commemorated the next day (Thursday or Saturday); glory: temple; now: theotokion. Prokeimenon and reading for the day.

Aposticha: triodion: idiomelon (2x) and martyrs; glory: temple; now: theotokion.

Troparia: temple; glory and now: theotokion.