Giving Tuesday:  A thank you from our youth!

This past summer, as the Orthodox Church in America came together at the 19th All-American Council, we witnessed an outpouring of support to fund the youth ministry of the Orthodox Church in America. In a matter of ten minutes more than $80,000. dollars was raised from parishes and individuals.

Many of our young people were so moved by the outpouring of support that they recorded short thank-you videos to express their gratitude. We share those videos with you now.

As we continue to expand the mission of the Orthodox Church in America, and as we look to the celebration in 2019 of 225 years of Orthodoxy on the North American Continent, the need for more youth activities, more resources for parish choirs and mission parishes, more Christian Education materials is as important now as it has ever been. In July we were able to raise over $80,000 in just ten minutes. How much can you help us raise on this Giving Tuesday?

Help support the mission of the Orthodox Church in America by donating today to our youth, our choirs, our mission parishes, our Sunday School programs and all the ministries of the OCA.

Give Your Gift Today!

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