OCA Holy Synod of Bishops, Metropolitan Council issue joint statement regarding Special Investigating Committee report

On Friday, September 5, 2008, the Holy Synod of Bishops and Metropolitan Council of the Orthodox Church in America unanimously approved the following joint statement for publication.

“The Holy Synod and Metropolitan Council, acknowledging the report of the Special Investigating Committee and the facts made clear therein, humbly apologize to the Church and all those who were harmed by these events.

“We recognize our failure to act upon information provided to us, and to demand accountability and openness from each other and from those in our employ.

“We commit ourselves to building a culture within the Church which fosters communication, transparency and personal responsibility.

“We also wish to offer our profound apology to Mr. John Kozey, former Chair of the OCA Audit Committee. We commend his tireless attempts to bring the facts of this matter to light. For his efforts, he was rebuffed, marginalized and mistreated. We are deeply sorry for this mistreatment.

“We know that trust must be re-built, and pray you will be encouraged by our actions from now as we move decisively to correct the mistakes of the past and ensure they do not take place again.”