All-American Council reports now available on-line

A variety of resources relevant to the 16th All-American Council October 31-November 4, 2011, were released on Friday, 30 September 2011 by the Pre-Conciliar Commission of the 16th All-American Council in accordance with the Statutory requirements of the Orthodox Church in America (Article III, Section 5E).

Available for downloading on the OCA web site are the following.

1.  An introductory letter by Archpriest Eric G. Tosi, OCA Secretary.

2.  The Delegate Handbook, which includes instructions, Statute amendments, resolutions current vetted, and other pertinent information.

3.  The report of the OCA’s officers.

4.  Reports from the OCA’s departments, institutions, and Metropolitan Council.

5.  The financial report.

“All of these resources should be read in advance by Council delegates, and shared with the members of their parishes,” Father Eric noted.  “Printed copies of the resources will not be available at the Council.  We ask participants to print them and bring them to the Council.  Binders with dividers will be available at the time of registration.”

With regard to resolutions, Father Eric noted that “not every resolution is contained in the Delegate Handbook, as some resolutions are still being vetted between the Resolutions Committee and the parties who submitted them.  As soon as the vetting is completed, they will be posted on the OCA web site.”

Father Eric added that the Crisis Management Committee report will be released after the Holy Synod of Bishops reviews its recommendations during the first week of October, after which it will be posted on-line.

“These decisions regarding additional resolutions and the Crisis Management Committee report were made by the Lesser Synod and Metropolitan Council and agreed upon by the General Counsel,” Father Eric added.  “At the Council’s plenary sessions, additional oral reports will be offered, with opportunities to entertain questions.”