Bishop Mark to assist managing work of OCA departments

Bishop Mark

His Grace, Bishop Mark of Baltimore has been asked by the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops to assist them as the Synodal Liaison for Departments and Commissions of the Orthodox Church in America.

Bishop Mark “will be working with all the ministries to support them and promote their efforts for the building up of the Church in education, youth, Christian service, chaplaincies, music, evangelization, and so on,” wrote Archpriest John A. Jillions, OCA Chancellor, in his daily reflection September 14, 2012.  “Bishop Mark has a special interest in prison ministry and works in this area for the Assembly of Bishops.” [Father John’s reflection may be accessed here.]

Bishop Mark will coordinate the department chairs in the following areas.

  • Supporting and/or coordinating the work of the OCA Departments of Christian Education, Christian Witness and Humanitarian Aide, Evangelization, Institutional Chaplains, Liturgical Music and Translations, Pastoral Life and Ministry, and Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry, as well as the various Commissions of the OCA. He will also begin to develop a stronger relationship with the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians of America and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship.
  • Assists in the development of departmental goals, including budget proposals; monitors/oversees departmental progress against goals including financial stewardship; provides support and direction when necessary; assures appropriate coordination and appropriate reporting to OCA Councils, Synod meetings, and membership; and resolves problems that transcend individual organizations’ scopes.
  • Checks Department work against the resolutions of the All-American Council and any other plans that come forward from the Holy Synod, Metropolitan Council or Officers of the Church.
  • Maintains relationships with OCA website and The Orthodox Church magazine to ensure proper and timely reporting of Department activities.
  • Serves as a facilitator and liaison agent among the various Church departments, chairs, and volunteers. Expedites communication, tracks projects, schedules meetings, and ensures that the Church ministerial enterprises function harmoniously and in the best interests of the Church.
  • Serves as a general resource person in assisting the various Church ministries and departments to achieve their objectives and accomplish their missions.
  • In coordination with supervisor and other Church administrators, establishes development goals for anticipated Church program needs; formulates development plans to meet goals; establishes, trains, and builds supporting teams of fundraisers among clergy and laity.