Displaced Los Alamos community offers thanks for prayers

Priestmonk John [Anderson] and the faithful of Saint Dimitri of Rostov Mission here were thankful to be able to gather on Sunday, July 3, 2011, despite the fires that have raged throughout the region for several days.

“On Sunday, those faithful who were able met at a parishioner’s home in White Rock, a small community located a few miles southeast to Los Alamos,” said Father John.  “Many of us woke up thinking we would return to our temporary housing while the evacuations are in effect.  To our surprise, we woke up to announcements that the evacuations were lifted.  I packed up he holy things once again and after Divine Liturgy returned to the church.”

Father John reported that “the fire, at 120,000 acres, is now 10% contained thanks to many prayers and recent rain.  While the threat of fire to our mission and to the local community is significantly less, it is not gone completely, and we do ask for continued prayers.  However, please pray for St. Michael Monastery, which is some 10 to 20 miles from Los Alamos, on the other side of the Jemez Mountain Range, as the fire is moving across vast distances and it is possible that it may move towards the monastery.

“We offer humble gratitude for all the support that has poured out from the Church,” said Father John on behalf of the mission community.  “We simply wait upon and put our trust in the Lord.  May His will be done in this and may this trial be to the glory of His Holy Name.  Please continue to pray!”