Pastoral changes now posted to OCA web site

The “Pastoral Changes”—the official announcements of ordinations, assignments, releases, etc. affecting the clergy of the Orthodox Church in America, issued by the office of the Chancellor, Archpriest Alexander Garklavs—will no longer appear in the pages of “The Orthodox Church” magazine. Instead, they will be posted on the OCA web site.

The first posting, which includes statistics for February through June 2010, is available in PDF format here.

With the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of “The Orthodox Church,” printing of the magazine has resumed. [The two previous issues only appeared in PDF format on the OCA web site.] In line with the reduced budget for printing and mailing, a limited number of copies of the magazine will be sent in bulk to all parishes and missions during the first week of August 2010, for local distribution. Individual copies will no longer be mailed to homes, as had been done in the past.