“The Science and Theology of Conception” theme of OCAMPR November 2011 conference

The Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion [OCAMPR] recently announced that it will hold a conference, “The Science and Theology of Conception,” at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology here November 4-5, 2011.

“We have, for the past three years, attempted to revamp and revive the Association after a period of relative inactivity,” said OCAMPR’s president, Michael Christakis, MD, FACP. “We are redefining our mission and will be amending our Charter to reflect that at this year’s conference.”

In an effort to “work together and collaborate as clinicians and pastors to better care for our parishioners and patients, we also are seeking to provide an annual forum for fellowship with one another,” Dr. Christakis added.

Central to this revitalization effort was the recent appointment of a new board, which includes His Grace, Bishop Michael of New York and New Jersey; Bishop-elect John Abdallah; Archpriests John Breck, Peter Gillquist, and Alexander Veronis; Mother Gabriella of Michigan; Dr. Stephen Muse; and Dr. Julianna Orr-Weaver.

The conference theme will address the complexities of the science of fertilization and embryology, the anthropology of human development over time from conception to adulthood and death and finally, what the Church Fathers and our Faith teach about conception. Speakers include Dr. Gayle Woloschak, Dr. Daniel Buxhoeveden, and Dr. Timothy Patitsas.

For further details and registration information, visit OCAMPR’s web site at www.ocampr.org.