Update on All-American Council liturgical music

Music plans have been announced for services at the 16th All-American Council in Bellevue, WA October 31-November 4, 2011.

  • October 29/30: For the first weekend, a local Puget Sound area choir will be conducted by Macrina Lewis of Port Townsend, WA, for Vespers and the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.  Area rehearsals will be held from August through October in the greater Seattle area, and singers are asked to attend at least one preferably two or three of them to participate in the AAC choir on that weekend.  Contact Macrina through her website at anaphorapress.com or by phone at 360-379-4004 to obtain materials and a list of rehearsal dates.
  • October 31-November 4:  Professor David Drillock and Archpriest Lawrence Margitich will conduct at the cycle of services during the week.  As usual, AAC participants are invited to join the ad hoc AAC choir, which will sing intermittently throughout the week.  This year, Orthodox liturgical music unique to the western states will be highlighted.  Those wishing to participate in the choir are asked to review and practice the music as much as possible beforehand and arrive prepared to lift their voices in praise with grace, beauty and understanding.

PDF files of music for both the initial weekend and the main conference are currently being prepared and will be available by mid-September.  Updates will be announced on the OCA web site.