Villanova iconography exhibition opens

Villanova Exhibition

On Friday, October 26, 2012 the two-month exhibition titled Icon: The Way to the Kingdom began at the Villanova University Art Gallery located in Connelly Center on the prestigious campus of Villanova University.

Two seminary choirs, an archbishop, a bishop, the abbot of a monastery, a miracle-working icon and a Roman Catholic cardinal were just some of the dignitaries in attendance.

The event is being held in connection with the 75th Anniversary celebration being held throughout the school year and into the beginning months of the next academic year here at Saint Tikhon’s Seminary.

While the list of contributors and benefactors for this endeavor is lengthy, the seminary would like to especially thank Archpriest John Perich for his continued vigilance on the Board of Trustees and for organizing this spectacular event featuring many of the treasures housed in the Saint Tikhon’s Museum and Icon Repository as well as pieces from other distinguished collections.

We would also like to thank His Eminence, Archbishop Tikhon of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania; His Grace, Bishop Michael of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey; Igumen Sergius, Abbot of Saint Tikhon’s Monastery; Tatiana Guba and the other distinguished members of the board of trustees of Saint Tikhon’s Seminary; Deacon Gregory Hatrak of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press; and all the dedicated benefactors and supporters at Villanova University.

Additionally, we would like to thank Subdeacon John E. Pusey, Graphic Design Coordinator, for supplying the promotional materials and technical support to ensure the opening occurred with little or no interruptions.

We would also like to thank Benedict Sheehan (STOTS 2011), Director of the Saint Tikhon’s Seminary Choir, as well as Hierodeacon Herman [Majkrzak] (STOTS 2005), Director of the Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Choir, for their collective efforts in providing the music for the opening molieben.

The event continues until December 16, 2012.  For more information regarding gallery times and upcoming associated events, please refer to the Villanova University web site.  A gallery of photos from the opening event may be viewed here.