St. Nicholas Church

Chignik Lake, Alaska

St. Nicholas Church

Founded 1960


Serviced by diocesan clergy.

Diocese: Diocese of Alaska

Deanery: Alaska Peninsula-Bristol Bay Deanery


PO Box 48002
Chignik Lake, Alaska 99548

Parish Contacts

Dean, Bristol Bay Deanery
Home: 907-596-8424


St Nicholas Church is located in the community of Chignik Lake which is accessable only by airplane.  The Church is located close to the water front and to the east of the local school.  St Nicholas is the only Church in the community so look for any building near the water that resembles an Orthodox Church.

Schedule of Services

6:30 PM Vespers and Confessions.
Saturday Evening

9:45 AM Hours, Divine Liturgy, Fellowship.
Sunday Morning

7:00 PM Akathist Hymn to St Herman of Alaska or the Icon of the Theotokos of the Inexhaustable Cup, alternating.
Thursday Evening

9:00 AM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
Friday Morning

6:30 PM All-Night Vigil.
Eves of Great Feasts

8:45 AM Hours, Divine Liturgy.
Mornings of Great Feasts

Great Lent

4:00 PM Confessions; 5:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
Wednesday Evenings in Great Lent

7:00 PM Panakhida (Memorial) for the Departed; Confessions.
Friday Evenings in Great Lent

Parish Background

In the earlier days, the villagers were located ten miles to the east at a place which is near the Sand Spit on the northeastern most part of the Chignik Lagoon.  Many people call this the Old Village today.  In the early 1950s, some of the villagers found a more suitable place to relocate the village which would be up the Chignik River at the lowest part of Chignik Lake.  After some families had moved to the new location, a few men brought some lumber up to erect a new chapel at the new site.  Many of e Icons which were from the old church were brought up and placed in the newly erected chapel.

In the late 1970s a family was desiring to build a new homne in the new site and by that time the chapel had already aged due to the weather conditions.  When the family that had the lumber for a new home decided to move to another community, they donated the lumber to the church which began the new building of what is still standing today as St Nicholas Church.  In late October of 1981 the church was consecrated by His Grace Bishop Gregory.  On that same occasion Bishop Gregory ordained a new priest Theodore Bartko and placed him in Chignik Lake.

After the first priest had vacated the parish, he was replaced by Hieromonk Gerasim (Vurik).  When Fr Gerasim relocated to Sand Point, he was later replaced by Fr Maxim Isaac.

Today, St Nicholas parish is home to 138 Aluutiq parishioners which are all Orthodox Christians.