Nativity of Our Lord Church

Ouzinkie, Alaska

Nativity of Our Lord Church

Founded 1849


Serviced by diocesan clergy.

Diocese: Diocese of Alaska

Deanery: Kodiak Deanery


Box 62
Ouzinkie, Alaska 99644

Parish Contacts

Dean, Kodiak Deanery
Home: 907-482-0059

Parish Background

The parish of the Nativity of our Lord celebrates 150 years as a parish.  The true roots of which were started through the work and prayers of St Herman of Alaska.  The community of Ouzinkie, Alaska is the revival of the community that St Herman left Kodiak to minister to.  In the 1800s, due to an epidemic, the village there (Monks Lagoon) was moved first to Pestrikoff Beach and then to the current site of the village of Ouzinkie.

For many years, Ouzinkie was ministed to by Fr Gerasim Schmaltz until 1967 when his health failed him.  He departed this life on October 12, 1969.