Holy Trinity Church

Kayville, Saskatchewan

Founded 1923

Diocese: Archdiocese of Canada

Deanery: Manitoba-Saskatchewan Deanery

Mailing address:

c/o Gail Peterson
PO Box 76
Lumsden, SK SOG 3CO

Parish Contacts

2705 Jarvis Dr
Saskatoon, SK S7J 2V2
Home: 306-652-8772


General Location
Holy Trinity Church is located approximately 2 miles directly west of Kayville, SK by a gravel road.

Schedule of Services

Divine Liturgy is served 1-2x a year, in the summer.  Usually there is a service on Pentecost Sunday, and possibly one other service.  Call ahead.  The primary language is English, with some Ukrainian, Slavonic, or Romanian, if requested.  The parish follows the New Calendar.