SS. Cyril and Methodius Church

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

SS. Cyril and Methodius Church

Founded 1927

Diocese: Diocese of the Midwest

Deanery: Chicago Deanery


2505 S 30th St
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215


Parish Contacts

Acting Rector
Home: 312-714-9775
Associate Priest
Associate Priest
Assigned Protodeacon


General location
SS Cyril and Methodius is located on the near South Side of Milwaukee, just 4 miles southwest of downtown.

From the South on I-94
exit at Layton Ave west.  Go 1 mile west to 27th St, and turn right.  Go 2 miles on 27th St to Lincoln Ave.  Turn left on Lincoln, and go 3 blocks to 30th St.  Turn left on 30th, and go 2 blocks to the church.

From the west on I-94
exit at 35th St.  Go south on 35th for 2 miles to Lincoln Ave.  Turn left on Lincoln, and go 3 blocks to 30th St.  Turn right on 30th, and go 2 blocks to the church.

Schedule of Services

6:00 PM Great Vespers.
Saturday Evening

9:30 AM Divine Liturgy.
Sunday Morning

8:30 AM Matins.
Sunday Morning

Call ahead for festal services, times of which may vary according to circumstances.
Mornings of Great Feasts

6:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
Wednesday Evenings in Great Lent

6:00 PM Akathist to the Theotokos.
Friday Evenings in Great Lent

For a complete list of upcoming services, please visit the Schedule page on the parish website.

Confessions are heard after Vespers and before Sunday Liturgy.

Parish Background

SS Cyril and Methodius was established as a Russian parish at its present site in 1927.  Over the years, the Russian membership (never large) declined.  Beginning in the early 1980s, the parish assumed a new identity and mission as a pan-Orthodox, multi-ethnic urban church, ministering to people of all backgrounds in the city and its surrounding communities.  The membership, some 130 people, is extremely diverse, including people of Ethiopian, Eritrean, East Indian, Greek, Romanian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and Serbian, as well as Russian backgound.  Many of the parishioners are converts to Orthodoxy, coming from all backgrounds.  The parish draws people from a very wide area and range of socio-economic backgrounds.  We will celebrate our 80th Anniversary in 2007.

SS Cyril and Methodius emphasizes a full liturgical schedule.  We make our services accessible to the people of our parish by using the common language, English.  We present the Orthodox liturgical tradition as seriously and fully as possible.  The music reflects the diverse constitution of our membership.  All parishioners—men, women, and children—are encouraged to participate in liturgical activity as fully as possible.

SS Cyril and Methodius also emphasizes charitable and social outreach.  Approximately 10% of our budget in recent years has been dedicated to these efforts. We do extensive neighborhood outreach, including a free annual block party, an after school arts program, work at the women’s emergency homeless shelter, etc.  We conduct campus ministries at Marquette University—which includes a local chapter of OCF—and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.  Staff and students from both campuses belong to the parish.

A third major emphasis is education which is reflected in the dedication to serious preaching and to offering educational opportunities outside of the services.  Our Sunday School curriculum strives to integrate prayer, liturgical as well as home prayer, and active outreach by all ages.  Relative to the size of the parish, we have a good representation of children and of infants.  The parish is very child-friendly.

The parish provides clergy and other support for Holy Theophany Chapel in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. For further information please contact either Fr. Protodcn. George Potym at 414-254-5783/ or Fr. John Jones at 414-241-7702/ 

SS Cyril and Methodius is a warm and hospitable community, which cares for all of its people, both young and aged.  We present an image of the Church of Pentecost in which the division of tongues and ethnicity is overcome by the creative Spirit of God.