Descent of the Holy Spirit Church

Ridgewood, New York

Descent of the Holy Spirit Church

Founded 1985

Diocese: Romanian Episcopate

Deanery: Atlantic USA Deanery


66-79 Forest Ave
Ridgewood, New York 11385-3832


Office: 347-610-6476

Parish Contacts

6679 Forest Ave Apt 2R
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Home: 917-459-0669
Retired, Attached

Parish Background

Descent of the Holy Spirit Church is part of the Atlantic Seaboard Deanery of the Romanian Episcopate and was established in 1985.

Their mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, to teach and spread the Orthodox Christian Faith, to energize, cultivate, and guide the life of the Church in the United States of America according to the Orthodox Christian Faith and Tradition.

The church sanctifies the faithful through divine worship, especially the Holy Eucharist and other Sacraments, building the spiritual and ethical life of the faithful in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, the doctrines and canons of the Ecumenical and local Councils, the canons of the Holy Apostles and the Fathers of the Church and of all other Councils recognized by the Orthodox Church.

Descent of the Holy Spirit Church serves as a beacon, carrier, and witness of the message of Christ to all persons who live in the United States of America, through divine worship, preaching, teaching, and living of the Orthodox Christian Faith.