SS. Mary & Martha MonasteryAccessible

Wagener, South Carolina

SS. Mary & Martha Monastery

Founded 1989

Diocese: Diocese of the South

Deanery: Carolina Deanery


65 Spinner Ln
Wagener, South Carolina 29164



Office: 803-564-6894

Parish Contacts

Mother Thecla (Ecroyd)


We are located between Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA off of I-20.  Please call for specific directions (803-564-6894).

Schedule of Services

Matins, 6th Hour, Vespers, and Compline are prayed.  Call for days and times (803-564-6894) or see the Services page on our web site:

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy on the FIRST OR SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH.  Please call —803-564-6894, email—, or refer to the Services page on our web site: for dates and times.
Saturday Morning

Parish Background

Who and What is SS Mary and Martha Monastery?
SS Mary and Martha Monastery was founded in 1989 under the auspicies of His Eminence, Archbishop Dmitri, Bishop of Dallas and the South, Orthodox Church in America (OCA).  We have been in Wagener, South Carolina since June 1996, and are located on a sixty acre parcel of land, which is about 30 miles southwest of Columbia.

Following the monastic tradition, we are women who are called by God to work out our salvation through a life of prayer and giving glory to God, to offer hospitality to others, and if God wills, to pass on this monastic tradition together with a monastery to the generations to come.

At this time, the community consists of women living the monastic tradition.  Several others are expressing interest in joining us.  With God’s help, we are growing and praying to increase as He wills.  To Him be glory and praise forever.

Our Goals
To build an Orthodox women’s monastic community which provides a Christ-centered prayer life for the monastic members who 1) Pray for those who have asked us to pray for them, for the Orthodox Church and their monastic communities, for priests and their families, and for the world; 2) Offer a place of spiritual refreshment to those who are led to us by the Holy Spirit; 3) Provide a place of retreat for individuals or small groups; 4) Maintain a financial base that is totally within the monastery and centers around the daily, monastic prayer cycle.  The monastery is supported by making handmade liturgical candles and through donations from our supporters.

St Joseph Candle Shoppe
We make beeswax candles for sale as a means of support.  Beeswax candles ($8.00 per pound—come in 12 inch tapers, 34 per pound), 7/8 in. altar candles (12 inches tall, 6 per pound and 10 inches tall, 7 per pound and 8 inches tall, 8 per pound), and 15 hour votives (10 per pound).  We also offer beeswax tea lights (at $10 per pound, 30 per pound).  Beeswax gift candles are also available.  Write, call—803-564-6894, or email— the monastery for orders.  More information and pictures of our candles can be found on the Candles pages of our web site:

Building plans
Currently we reside in a doublewide, prefab home which will become our guesthouse and retreat center.  Construction of the monastery building, starting with its chapel, will begin as God wills.  The building will have a large chapel, two workrooms, kitchen, living/dining room, twelve cells (bedrooms) and two office/workrooms/cells.  The exterior will be red brick (common to this area), white trim, and a metal roof.

If you would like to come and see what God has done for us, please call to set up a date when we can show you around.  If you have additional questions about us, please write or call.