St. Nicholas ChurchAccessible

Donora, Pennsylvania

St. Nicholas Church

Founded 1916

Diocese: Archdiocese of Western Pennsylvania

Deanery: Southwest Deanery


1 St Nicholas Dr
Donora, Pennsylvania 15033


Parish Contacts

Home: 724-379-4827

Lay Leadership

Dr. Dimitri Petro
Choir Director
Office: 724-379-4401
Miss Deborah A Priatko
Youth Coordinator


General Direction
St Nicholas Church is located in Donora, PA (Washington County), 25 miles south of Pittsburgh.

From Interstate 70
Take the Donora exit (Exit 43B). Follow PA Route 201 North. At the “Y” in the road, bear left onto the Vance DeiCas Highway. Continue for approximately 1-1/2 miles across the Donora/Monessen Bridge. At the end of the bridge, bear right onto PA Route 837 North to enter Donora. You will be traveling on McKean Avenue. Proceed through town until you come to the McKean Avenue/Sixth Street intersection (at a stoplight). Take a left and go up the hill until you come to Castner Avenue. Make a right turn and proceed up the hill until you come to St. Nicholas Drive. Make a right and go down the hill until you come to St. Nicholas Church.

Schedule of Services

6:00 PM Vespers and Confessions.
Saturday Evening

10:00 AM Divine Liturgy (9:30 AM in summer).
Sunday Morning

6:00 PM Vespers.
Eves of Great Feasts

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy.
Mornings of Great Feasts

During Great Lent, a full cycle of services are celebrated.
Great Lent

For a complete list of upcoming services, please visit the Monthly Calendar on the parish website.

Parish Background

In 1916, a group of 15 families who were immigrants, strangers to the English language and the culture of America, came together and established the St Nicholas parish of Donora, PA.  Among the group were those who were born in Russia as well as others who came from the Carpathian Mountains in the Austro- Hungarian Empire.  The first service was held in a garage in the downtown area of town.  The first priest to serve the parish was the Rev Fr Nicholas Podlosky.  In 1918 a basement church was erected on a small place of land which had been purchased.  This served as a humble place of worship for a number of years.

It was in 1951, under the leadership of the Rt Rev John Skvir, that the new and present church was built.  This beautiful structure, built along the lines of the traditional Russian Orthodox architecture, remains as one of the few current old styles of buildings today.  In 1963, during the pastorate of Fr Igor Soroka, a colonial style Rectory was built.  During the 1960s the church hall and kitchen were modernized.  Also, extensive beautification of the church interior took place.  In 1970 new stained glass windows were installed.  During the later years, additional property was purchased for parking and new Icons were added to the Church.

The parish has always maintained a full program of religious and social activities.  Four of its present and former members are graduates of West Point Academy.  A number of its members have distinguished themselves in athletics.  Two of its members have played in the National Football League.  A number of professional men and women are members of the parish.  Dr Dimitri Petro has directed the choir for many years along with his medical practice.  The VRev John Nehrebecki, a former member, is a retired priest in the OCA.

Fr Igor Soroka served as Pastor of St Nicholas Church since 1959 and served as Dean of the Mon. Valley Deanery.  Prior to his coming to Donora, eighteen priests have served the parish. One of the former priests, Fr Peter Shymansky of Blessed Memory, was consecrated as a Bishop of the church and the late Metropolitan Vladimir was baptized at St Nicholas Church in Donora.