Session 4: Weapons of Peace: Gospel of Peace

Ephesians 6:15: "Shod Your Feet With the Gospel of Peace"

By the end of this lesson, youth should be able to:

  • Define what is different about the Gospel than anywhere else in the Bible
  • How we can use the Gospel as a weapon of peace
  • Why it is important to study scripture

Procedures: Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-12

On a large sheet of paper or chalk board for all to see, write in large print “Gospel of Peace.”

Say: "It is through the Gospels that we receive the word of God and we can use it as a weapon that brings peace to ourselves, our families, and the world around us."

For the younger ages ask: "What are the four Gospels?" (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

Ask: "What is in the Gospel that is different from anywhere else in the Bible?" (Christ’s own words and teachings.) If they don’t know make sure they get this point.

Now have them list all the teachings of Christ that they can remember: examples: love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, etc.

Activity 1:
Have everyone trace their feet or have someone help them. You will need construction paper, markers, and scissors. Now have them cut out their feet. Finally, they must write three things on them that they have personally learned so far this week about the themeĀ… Being Strong in the Lord. For the younger children, have them write there three favorite things from the chalk board that were already discussed. Make sure you display the feet so all can see.

Grades 3 - 5

Play Gospel Bingo. Appendix A has all the Bingo/Gospel cards needed for the game. Copy enough for your group. You will need a set of bingo cards for yourself to cut up and pick from a bowl or bag. Tear up pieces of construction paper to use to cover the spaces or use dry breakfast cereal. As you are playing, talk about the Bible stories that you call out for each Gospel.

Grades 6 - 12

Send them off into their same groups, or if they want to, they can choose to change groups around today for some variety with these questions. Each group will need a Bible:

  • Why should we study Scripture?
  • How does Christ’s words, the Gospel, bring us peace?
  • How does the Bible strengthen us in the Lord? How does it make our spiritual muscles stronger?
  • As a group, look through the four Gospels and find a message that Christ gives that can help us fight against temptation. Write it down and share it with the whole group.

Come back and discuss the above questions.