Check List for Planning an Orthodox Summer Youth Camp


  • Clarify Your Goal
  • Receive Appropriate Blessings

Pre-Camp Work

  • Recruit Mandatory Staff
  • Camp Director
  • Registered Nurse, Doctor, EMT
  • Certified Lifeguard who is also certified in First Aid
  • Two Adult Counselors for each group
  • Recruit Additional Staff
  • Games/Sports Coordinator
  • Crafts Coordinator
  • Christian Education Session Coordinator

Meet with Staff

  • Clarify program goal
  • Clarify task descriptions
  • Reinforce chain of command


  • Do you need to rent a facility?
  • Start looking at least a year ahead of time
  • Facility meets all your program needs


  • Cater or Cook?
  • Is the program during Lenten period?


  • Applications
  • Scholarships
  • Publicity: Flyers and Newspaper Articles
  • Program Basics
  • Have Typed Schedule Ready
  • Worship Services
  • Free time

Camp Time / At Camp / First Day

  • Have Staff Arrive Early
  • Registration
  • Put someone in charge other than yourself
  • Have activities for campers to do in cabins after they register
  • First Activity/Orientation
  • Worship/ Prayer Service
  • Orientation - Keep it short and creative
  • Fun Camp-wide game/activity


  • Contact Local Emergency Services Ahead of Time
  • Create Contingency Plans
  • Assign Staff to Handle Various Tasks
  • Determine Signal to Alert Camp of Emergency
  • Post Emergency Phone Numbers in Conspicuous Areas


  • Keep camper insurance forms at hand
  • Call emergency services
  • Call parents

Post Camp

  • Evaluation Meeting With Staff
  • Get Dates for Next Year
  • Get a Good Rest

Taken from the OCA Resource Handbook for Lay Ministries