My Church, Our Home: Session I: Introduction

Program Goal: The children, pre-teens, teens and young adults attending the sessions of the All American Council, 2002, will be given the opportunity to think about, explore, and develop their relationship with Jesus Christ and understand their parish as their experience of “heaven on earth, and path to salvation.”

Session I: Introduction

  1. Begin with introductions of the staff. Everyone will have a nametag.
  2. Give an overview of the week. Introduce the titles of the sessions, The Household of God, Our Life in Christ, Our Path to Salvation and In Deed in Truth.
  3. Play icebreaker games- Bath Tissue Game, M&M Game, Bingo Game. We will play one or more depending on the time remaining.
  4. We will discuss the outings for the week. We will discuss the rules and regulations for expectations on the outings. * This will occur before each session, as each outing will be different. Place participants and chaperones together with colored bracelets. Give any pertinent material to all chaperones assisting on the trips.
  5. If time allows, each participant will receive their copy of their journal. They will prepare them by decorating the cover to reflect the theme for the week. They will be sure to write their name on the journal, and then turn it in to their “teacher for the week”.