Conclusion and Resources


After reading the above guidelines, some people may be very apprehensive about ministering to children and youth. Some people may even decide that they do not want to bother or 'take the risk.' We must remember that ministering to the children and youth of our Church is not an option. They are members of the body of Christ and, therefore, cannot be ignored, denied, or put aside. The increase in cases of child abuse should not be a deterrent. This would give Satan only more cause to rejoice. Perhaps this 'liability fear' is a reminder for us to continually re-evaluate what we are doing and with what spirit. Do we realize the awesome power, the influence and, therefore, the responsibility we have been given? The Orthodox Church affirms that anything that is second best, anything that is not our absolute best effort is sinful. Have we taken our youth ministry efforts for granted? Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that making some extra efforts to ensure our children and youth are provided with the safest, most trusting, caring, and positive environment is simple 'doing the right thing.'


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