Love vs Lust: A look at 1Cor 13

1. love is patient

2. love is kind

3. love does not envy

4. love does not boast

5. love is not proud

6. love is not rude

7. love is not self-seeking

8. love is not easily angered

9. love keeps no record of wrongs

10. love does not delight in evil

11. love rejoices in the truth

12. love always protects

13. love always trusts

14. love always hopes

15. love always perseveres

16. love never fails

1. lust is impatient, it needs to be appeased immediately

2. lust does not care about other people’s feelings

3. lust envies what is not his or hers

4. lust likes to brag

5. lust rejoices only over getting what it wants

6. lust quickly “walks” over other people’s feelings

7. lust seeks only self pleasure

8. lust is demanding and uncaring, angering easily

9. lust uses past arguments to get its way

10. lust rejoices in evil deeds that help it get its way

11. lust is deceptive and secretive

12. lust only protects himself/herself

13. lust never trusts what it can’t manipulate

14. lust only cares about satisfying “needs” and desires

15. lust only gives one chance and your out

16. lust is always short term