Our Dream for the Church

We, the Youth and Young Adult Observers of the 11th All American Council and members of the Orthodox Church in America have a dream for our Church. We would like a united Church with an identity reflecting Orthodox life in America. A Church . . .

  • that is growing where all are welcome.
  • that is humble and whose members live and pray in harmony.
  • whose members know about and are prepared to explain our faith.
  • whose members reach out to the community.
  • that is understanding of and compassionate towards the problems of modern life.
  • where everyone is seen as equal in the eyes of God.
  • where sin is condemned, and not the sinner.
  • that is true to her liturgical traditions.
  • that works toward the unity of its people where various traditions are respected.
  • that worships in a language the people understand.
  • where both adults and kids learn.
  • where youth have something to say and are heard.
  • where worship continues into daily life.
  • where laity and clergy work together within their own church and among area churches.
  • where diocesan parishes have love for each other.
  • that is opened to newcomers and converts.
  • that is known to the world by its works and witness to the Gospel.
  • that perseveres in the face of struggle.
  • whose main goal is seeking salvation.
  • whose members are thankful for their Orthodox faith.

Prepared by the Youth and Young Adult Observers of the 11th All American Council in Chicago, IL July 16–22, 1995