The Commemoration of All Saints of North America

Second Sunday After Pentecost

Great Vespers

Kathisma I - “Blessed is the man…”

“Lord, I call upon You…”

Four stichira of the Resurrection—Tone 1, and the following six stichira of the Saints

Tone 2

Come, let us praise the Saints of North America,

Holy hierarchs, venerable monastics and glorious martyrs,

pious men, women and children, both known and unknown.

Through their words and deeds in various walks of life,

by the grace of the Spirit they achieved true holiness.

As they now stand in the presence of Christ who glorified them,

they pray for us who celebrate their memory in love.

Come, let us assemble today,

and glorify the luminaries of the North American lands,

the glorious martyrs and holy bishops who confirmed our Faith,

the righteous dwellers in the wilderness,

and guides of the spiritual life.

Let us cry out to them in joy:

O All Saints of North America, known and unknown, pray to God for us.

As the brightest sun, as the brilliance of the morning star,

the precious feast of the Saints of North America has dawned for us,

to illumine us and to set our hearts on fire,

to imitate their godly lives,

and to follow their example of zeal for God.

Come let us assemble today,

and let us praise the elect of North America.

Having fought the good fight you have persevered in the Faith,

receiving your crowns of victory from God.

Beseech Him to deliver from every calamity and sorrow,

all who keep your holy memory in faith and love.

Tone 6 —Special Melody: “Having set all our hope…”

The earth rejoices and the heavens are glad,

O venerable Saints of America,

praising your labors and lives,

your spiritual fortitude and purity of heart.

By driving away a multitude of demons

and enlightening many people

with the light of the Orthodox Faith

you have confirmed our land.

Rejoice, O mountains of Pennsylvania,

Leap for joy, O waters of the Great Lakes,

Rise up, O fertile plains of Canada,

for the elect of Christ who dwelt in you are glorified,

men and women who left their homes for a new land.

With faith, hope and patience as their armor,

they courageously fought the good fight.

Comforted by the beauty of the Orthodox Faith,

they labored in mines and mills, they tilled the land,

they braved the challenges of the great cities,

enduring many hardships and sufferings.

Never failing to worship God in spirit and truth,

and unyielding in devotion to His most pure Mother,

they erected many temples to His glory.

Come, O assembly of the Orthodox,

and with love let us praise the holy women, men and children,

those known to us and those known only to God,

and let us cry out to them:

Rejoice, All Saints of North America,

and pray to God for us.

Tone 5


Rejoice, O continent of North America,

illumined by the Holy Gospel.

Rejoice, every province, state, city, and town,

which raised up citizens of the heavenly Kingdom.

Rejoice, our venerable Father Herman, first Saint of our land.

Rejoice, O Martyrs Juvenal and Peter,

for your blood has watered the seed of faith planted in Alaska.

Rejoice, O holy Hierarchs: Innocent, Tikhon and Nicholas,

Rejoice, O holy Father Alexis and you righteous priests,

Rejoice, All Saints of North America,

for your light has shone forth to the ends of the earth.

We beseech you to pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved.

Dogmatikon - Tone 1

Now and ever…

Let us praise the Virgin Mary.

The Gate of Heaven, the Glory of the World.

The Song of the Angels, the Beauty of the Faithful.

She was born of man, yet gave birth to God.

She was revealed as heaven, as the temple of the Godhead.

She destroyed the wall of enmity.

She commenced the peace, she opened the kingdom.

Since she is our confirmation of faith,

our defender is the Lord, whom she bore.

Courage, courage, O people of God!

For Christ will destroy our enemies,

since He is all-powerful.


Prokeimenon of the day

Readings from the Old Testament

The reading from the Prophecy of Isaiah (43:9–14)

Thus says the Lord: Let all the nations gather together, and let the peoples assemble. Who among them can declare this, and show us the former things? Let them bring their witnesses to justify them, and let them hear and say, it is true. “You are my witnesses,” says the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He. Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any any after me. I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior. I declared and saved and proclaimed, when there was no strange god among you; and you are my witnesses,” says the Lord. “I am God, and also henceforth I am He; there is none who can deliver from my hand; I work and who can hinder it?” Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

The reading from the Wisdom of Solomon (Ch. 3)

The souls of the just are in the hand of God; and the torment of death shall not touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure was taken for defeat. And their going away from us, for utter destruction: but they are at peace. And though in the sight of men they have suffered torments, they have a sure hope of immortality. Afflicted in few things, in many they shall be well rewarded: because God has tried them and found them worthy of Himself. As gold in the furnace He has proved them, and as a victim of a holocaust He has received them: and in time there shall be respect had to them. The just shall shine, and shall sweep like sparks among the reeds. They shall judge nations, and rule over people; and their Lord shall reign forever. They that trust in Him shall understand the truth, and they that are faithful in love shall rest in Him; they are His elect, and grace and mercy shall be theirs.

The reading from the Wisdom of Solomon (Ch. 5)

The just shall live forevermore; their reward is with the Lord, and the Most High has them in His care. Therefore, shall they receive a kingdom of glory and a crown of beauty at the hand of the Lord; for with His right hand He will cover them, and with His holy arm He will defend them. And He will put on the armor of His wrath; and He will arm creation for the revenge of His enemies. He will put on justice as a breast-plate, and will take true judgment instead of a helmet. He will take holiness for an invincible shield. And He will sharpen His severe wrath for a spear; and the whole world shall fight with him against the unwise. Then shafts of lightning shall fly straight from the clouds. As from a bow well-bent they shall be shot out and shall fly to the mark. And thick hail shall be cast upon them from the artillery of His wrath; the waters of the sea shall rage against them, and the rivers shall wash them relentlessly away. A mighty tempest shall rise up against them, and blow them away like chaff before a whirlwind; and their iniquity shall bring all the earth to desolation. And wickedness shall overthrow the thrones of the mighty. Hear, therefore, you kings, and understand; learn, you that are judges of the ends of the earth. Give ear, you that rule the people, and that take pride in your multitudes of nations; for power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the Most High.


One stichiron of the temple and the following of the Saints

Tone 5

Rejoice, O faithful Church in the North American lands!

Rejoice, O venerable Father Herman of Alaska,

for you were the first to intercede in our land,

guiding our people to the true Faith.

Through your miracles and wonders

the Light of Christ has illumined all the ends of our land.

We beseech you to pray to Christ our God, to grant our souls great mercy.

Rejoice, All Saints of North America,

precious adornments of our lands;

the unshakable pillars of our Church;

the glory of Orthodoxy, the fountains of wonders;

inexhaustible streams of love and virtue;

brilliant lights and humble instruments of the Holy Spirit;

heavenly people and earthly angels; true friends of Christ.

Fervently beseech Him to grant mercy to those who honor you.

Glory…now and ever… in the same tone

Most glorious saints and guardians of the North American lands,

spiritual and heavenly city of Zion on high;

beacons for those who dwelt in the darkness of despair;

sacred coals of repentance;

precious pearls of virtue;

defenders of widows, orphans, and the oppressed;

exemplary followers of the teachings of the Church;

and joyful keepers of abstinence:

pray without ceasing to Christ,

beseeching Him to grant stability to our Church,

and peace and great mercy to our land.


All to the Resurrection - Tone 1

Tone 4


Today, as we celebrate the memory

of All Saints of North America,

let us praise them as is fitting,

for they lived all of Christ’s beatitudes.

Deprived of material wealth, they became rich in spirit.

Meek, they inherited the earth.

Mourning, they were comforted.

Thirsting for righteousness, they were satisfied.

Merciful, they obtained mercy.

Pure in heart, they beheld the image of God.

As peacemakers, they became God’s children.

Persecuted and tortured for righteousness’ sake,

they now rejoice in heaven;

and they pray fervently to the Lord

to have mercy on our souls.

Tone 5

Now and ever…

Let us sound a hymn on the trumpet

and praise with one accord the protectress of our land,

our Queen, the Theotokos.

Rejoice, you who have crowned our land with your favor,

pouring abundant grace upon it.

Therefore, the Church in America joyously celebrates your precious protection

and commemorates the multitude of your miracles.

Deprive us not of your mercies now, O Lady.

Look favorably upon us in our adversities and afflictions,

and raise us up by your powerful intercession.

Blessing of the loaves

“Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos…” twice, then

Troparion - Tone 8/span>

As the bountiful harvest of Your sowing of salvation,

the lands of North America offer to You, O Lord, all the saints who have shone in them.

By their prayers keep the Church and our land in abiding peace

through the Theotokos, O most Merciful One.

If Great Vespers (with litia) is served separately from Matins then “Rejoice of Virgin Theotokos…” twice; Glory…now…; troparion of the Saints.

If Great Vespers (without litia) is served separately from Matins then the Resurrectional troparion; Glory…; troparion of the Saints; Now and ever…; Theotokion (same tone as the troparion of the Saints— Tone 8).


“God is the Lord…” - Tone 1

Resurrectional troparion twice; Glory… ; troparion of the Saints; Now and ever…; Resurrectional Theotokion.


Resurrectional kathisma hymns—Tone 1



We magnify you, All Saints who have shone forth in North America,

and we honor your holy memory, for you pray to Christ our God for us.


Hear this, all peoples; give ear, all you inhabitants of the world.

The Evlogitaria—“Blessed are You, O Lord…”

The Little Litany

Hypakoe - Tone 1

Sessional hymns—Saints.

Tone 8

Illumined by the brilliant rays of the Saints,

we are bathed in the warmth of their light,

as if entering into a fair paradise.

And beholding their valor in wonder,

let us strive to imitate their virtues,

calling out to the Savior:

Through their prayers, O God,

make us partakers of Your Kingdom.

Glory…in the same tone

The faithful of North America

join in the commemoration of Your Saints, O Lord.

The heavens rejoice and all our land is glad.

Through the prayers of Your Saints, grant our souls great mercy.

Now and ever…in the same tone

Look down from on high, O all-merciful Master,

and attend to our infirmities.

Visit us who have been corrupted by sinfulness,

and through the prayers of the Theotokos,

and all the Saints of North America, grant our souls great mercy.

Gradual Hymns—Tone 1

Resurrectional Prokeimenon—Tone 1

Resurrectional Gospel Post-Gospel Stichira: “Having Beheld the Resurrection…”

“O God, save Your people…”


The Resurrectional Canon with its Irmos—on 4; and of the Theotokos—on 2; and of the Saints—on 8; Katavasia: Canon to the Theotokos.

Ode I - Tone 2


Come, O people, let us sing a song to Christ our God, who divided the sea and made a path for the nation which He had brought out of the bondage of Egypt; for He is glorified.


All Saints of North America, pray to God for us.

Come, all Orthodox believers, and let us praise in song the Saints of our Church in America, and let us glorify Christ who has glorified them.

Come, let us with one accord sing hymns of praise to all the Saints who have shone forth in virtue throughout our land, spiritually nourishing the Church on the North American continent.

Come, all Orthodox believers, let us praise the wonderworker Herman, and the holy martyrs Juvenal and Peter, and all who labored in the Alaskan vineyard of Christ — these Northern Lights of the American Church and ever-shining beacons of piety.

Come, all you who love the saints, let us remember our instructors in the Faith: the holy bishops Innocent and Tikhon, and the righteous priest Alexis, for by their teachings they have freed us from the bonds of ignorance.

Glory…now and ever…

Accept our songs of thanksgiving, O Virgin, Full of grace, and deliver us from all tribulation, evil and distress, for we place our hope in you as the mighty protectress of the Orthodox Church in the New World.


I shall open my mouth…

Ode 3


The Church of the Gentiles was like a desert,barren in its pagan ways, but now it has blossomed by Your coming, O Lord; in that same coming my heart is confirmed.

Rejoice, land of Alaska, for the Orthodox Faith has been planted in you and now bears the fruit of salvation throughout North America.

Let us praise in sacred hymns our Father Herman of Alaska, who has bestowed his blessing upon the New World and has left us his holy relics as a source of healing for many who honor his memory.

Iliamna and Kenai rejoice, and all America is filled with gladness as we trust in the power of your intercession, O holy martyrs Juvenal and Peter.

We entreat you to intercede for your people, Hieromartyr Juvenal and youth Peter, whose struggle for the Faith included the shedding of your blood. Teach us to confess with boldness the Orthodox Faith and to have no fear of the enemy.

Glory…now and ever…

Grant us the help of your prayers, Most holy Lady, for our enemies have overwhelmed us. But through you, All pure One, can we be delivered. Intercede with Your Son that we may be saved.


O Theotokos, plentiful and living fountain…

After the third Ode the kontakion and sessional hymns.

Kontakion - Tone 3, Special Melody: “Today the Virgin…”

Today the choir of Saints who were pleasing to God in the lands of North America

now stands before us in the Church and invisibly prays to God for us.

With them the angels glorify Him,

and all the saints of the Church of Christ keep festival with them;

and together they all pray for us to the Pre-eternal God.


The Saints are as the beautiful and fruitful trees of Eden, putting forth the fragrant flowers of their doctrines and the fruit of their labors. By them our souls are nourished and our spiritual hunger satisfied. Come, therefore, let us run to the protection of their guidance and bless them as the joy and adornment of our land, and as the image and example of our lives, for they have received incorruptible crowns from the Pre-eternal God.

Sessional hymns - Tone 4

Christ the Sun of Righteousness,

has sent you forth as beams of light

to illuminate the North American lands,

O holy hierarchs, martyrs, monastics and the righteous.

O Blessed of God, enlighten then my darkened soul

by your fervent supplications to Him.

Come, O faithful,

and let us hasten to the healing Cross of our God and Savior,

who willed to clothe Himself in our flesh

and pour out His sacred blood

through which He has redeemed us from bondage to the enemy.

Let us then cry out to Him in thanksgiving:

Save our Orthodox bishops and our communities.

Defend all Your people by Your holy Cross,

and save our souls, for You love mankind.

Ode 4


You have come from a Virgin not as an ambassador nor an angel, but as the Lord Himself incarnate; You have saved me the whole man, so I cry to You: Glory to your power, O Lord.

Along with your monastic brethren, you traveled to Alaska to spread the word of the Word. Immediately upon your arrival, O Hieromartyr Juvenal, you zealously began your apostolic mission among the native peoples.

Having proclaimed the Orthodox Faith to the heathen, you have taken up your abode in the eternal mansions, O martyrs Juvenal and Peter. Standing now before the King of Kings, you pray for us who honor your holy memory.

Holy Father Herman, by deed and word you taught us to love God above all else and to do His holy will. Pray that we may heed your wise counsel.

O Father Herman of Alaska, be an intercessor for our land for you have taught us to confess the Orthodox Faith with Boldness and without fear of the threats of the adversary.

Glory…now and ever…

The holy mountain of Athos is illumined by your images, O blessed Theotokos, and the cities of America are likewise adorned and sanctified, receiving from you miraculous aid and finding in you a source of consolation. Open to us also, O Lady, the doors of paradise.


He who is seated in glory…

Ode 5


Giver of light and sovereign Creator of the world, guide us in the light of Your commandments, for we know no other God than You.

Let the holy enlighteners of North America, Innocent and Tikhon be praised in sacred hymns, along with the divinely-wise Archpastor Nicholas of Zhicha, and our Father and Teacher Alexis, for they are all sacred vessels of the Spirit.”

Although your sojourn in the New World was short, you accomplished much, for you baptized many in the name of the Triune God. Yet, O Hieromartyr Juvenal, your apostolic ministry and your earthly life were cut short by the hands of those whom you sought to lead to Christ’s heavenly Kingdom.

By the weapon of your prayers, O holy martyrs Juvenal and Peter, defend our land and its Orthodox people from all calamity and sorrow.

Shine like a star in heaven, Holy Father Herman, North Star of Christ’s Church, and guide us toward the Master and His heavenly Kingdom.

Glory…now and ever…

Christ has shone forth from you, O virgin, to enlighten those in darkness and to reconcile God and man.

Ode 6


Encompassed in the depths of sin, I entreat the unfathomable depths of Your compassion: bring me out of corruption, O Lord.

We praise you, O Holy Hierarch Innocent, for like the Apostles to the Slavs, Cyril and Methodius, you left your homeland to journey to a foreign land. Following their example, you enlightened your new people by translating the Holy Scriptures into their own language.

O Holy Hierarch Tikhon, you provided for the spiritual well-being of the Church in the New World by establishing the monastic tradition. Through your prayers, may the monastery you founded in the mountains of Pennsylvania, named after your heavenly patron, St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, be a haven for many who give all in their love of Christ.

O Holy Hierarch Nicholas, you inspired spiritual renewal in your native land. The Lord led you to the shores of America, where you continued your apostolic ministry, instructing in theology and preaching the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

We beseech you, O Bishops of Christ, Innocent, Tikhon and Nicholas, to dissipate the soul-destroying tempests that assail us. Through your prayers, O holy hierarchs, may we be granted spiritual tranquillity.

Glory…now and ever…

As you have continually interceded for our land, at the prayers of the North American Saints, look upon us now, O Most pure Theotokos, and, as the hope of the hopeless and helper of those in distress, grant us a sign of your compassion, O Lady.


As we celebrate this sacred and solemn feast…

Kontakion and Ikos of the Resurrectio - —Tone 1

Ode 7


The wise children did not adore the golden idol, but went themselves into the flame and defied the pagan gods. They prayed in the midst of the flames and an angel bedewed them: The prayer of your lips has been heard.

Knowing that the Lord guides a man safely in the way that he should go, you left your comfortable life in Irkutsk, O Holy Hierarch Innocent, to live a rigorous one in Unalaska among the Aleuts in order to spread the Gospel of Christ.

Though your years were few in number, O Holy Martyr Peter, your wisdom was great, for you wisely chose to endure the tortures of those ungodly men who insisted you renounce your Faith. Intercede with Christ our God that we too may endure all assaults against us.

Abhorring the exploitation of the Alaskan lands and its people, you sought to protect them for you had made them your own, Holy Father Herman. You unceasingly interceded before God and the civil authorities on their behalf. Now, as then, intercede before the Lord on our behalf.

Having you as our sure anchor of hope and immovable rampart, O Holy Father Herman of Alaska, we are delivered from the hostile assaults of the enemy by your powerful intercession before the throne of God.

Glory…now and ever…

By your all-honorable Icon in Sitka, which we have received as a divine gift from on high, O Theotokos, may we ever increase in love for your Son and our God, and may we be delivered from every hostile assault of the enemy.


The holy children…

Ode 8


The three youths would not obey the decree of the tyrant; when cast into the furnace they sang: Bless the Lord, all works of the Lord.

Through your prayers to the All-merciful Lord, O holy Hierarchs Innocent, Tikhon and Nicholas, may we be delivered from the tempestuous passions that assail us, and may we always cry: Bless the Lord, all works of the Lord.

As archpastor of your North American flock, you led the procession to the site where the monastery dedicated to the memory of your heavenly patron now stands. O holy Hierarch Tikhon, we the faithful give thanks to you and joyfully accept this gift to us as we cry: Bless the Lord, all works of the Lord.

as the three youths chose to defy the tyrant, you, O holy Martyr Peter, chose physical death over the spiritual death of apostasy. Pray that we also may give ourselves fully to the Lord as we cry: Bless the Lord, all works of the Lord.

O holy Father Herman, glory of Alaska and all America, cease not to pray for us who cry: Bless the Lord, all works of the Lord.

Glory…now and ever…

Just as the three youths were not consumed by the flames, you were not consumed by the Divine Fire which dwelt in your virginal womb. Therefore, O Theotokos, we exalt you throughout all ages.

We praise, bless and worship the Lord, singing and exalting Him throughout all ages.


The Offspring of the Theotokos…

The Magnificat is sung.

Ode 9


The Son of the Eternal Father, God the Lord, incarnate of the Virgin, has appeared to us, to give light to those in darkness and to gather those who had gone astray; therefore, we magnify you, O Theotokos.

Rejoice, O Saints of the New World, both revealed and hidden, known and unrecognized, who have been glorified by the Lord, entreat Him to grant us consolation in sorrow, and to confirm our land in piety and our people in the Orthodox Faith, and accept as our humble gift this hymn of praise and thanksgiving.

Rejoice, O Saints of the New World on this day of your holy feast, for as flowers you have adorned the True Vine which has budded forth in our land.

Rejoice, Saints of the New World, all of you who have reached the heavenly Zion and now stand before the throne of the King of Glory; intercede with our merciful God to grant unity to the Church so that with one mind and voice we may unceasingly witness to the Truth and praise the consubstantial Trinity.


Most holy Trinity, accept the American Church which has been offered to You as choice incense. Through the prayers of those who have served and pleased You, confirm this land in peace and preserve her people from all assaults of the enemy.

Now and ever…

We on earth together with the heavenly hosts magnify your Son and our God, O Theotokos, and we glorify you as the Protectress of the Church in America.


Let every mortal born on earth…


Tone 2

The myrrhbearing women rejoiced at beholding the stone rolled away, for they saw a young man seated upon the tomb, and he said to them: “Tell the disciples with Peter that Christ has risen! Hasten to the mountain of Galilee; there he will appear to you as He promised His friends.

Glory…in the same tone

Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, sent you out as rays of light to illumine those in darkness and shadow. Therefore, through you, All Saints of North America, we have found the Truth.

Now and ever… in the same tone

An angel brought the Virgin the salutation before Your conception, O Christ; and an angel also rolled away the stone from Your tomb. The first, instead of sorrow, brought signs of ineffable joy, and the other, instead of death, proclaimed and magnified You, the Bestower of life, declaring the Resurrection to the women and to those who knew the mystery.

The Praises

Four stichira of the Resurrection in the first tone. Four stichira of the Saints.

Tone 8 - Special Melody: “What shall we call you…”

What shall we call you, O Saints of North America?

Beloved servants of Christ our God?

Tireless workers in His vineyard?

True preachers of His Gospel?

Faithful friends, who love Him more than life itself?

Now that you stand before the throne of the King of Glory,

do not forget your spiritual children

and pray that our souls may be saved.

What shall we call you, O Saints of North America,

who were pleasing to God in our land?

Shepherds, who seek those who have gone astray?

Guides, who lead those blind in their spiritual eyes?

Wonderworkers, who heal both souls and bodies?

Now that you are numbered with the Chosen of God,

Remember us who glorify your memories,

and pray that our souls may be saved.


Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways.

How shall we praise you, O Saints of North America,

who are favored by the Mother of God?

No hymns can tell of all your wonders;

no books can contain all you endured for the Master.

But you labored not for earthly gain or glory,

only to feed the hungry and provide for those in need,

visit the sick and teach those who were untaught

and to pray that our souls may be saved.


Their steps are ordered by the Lord; He establishes those in whose way He delights.

How shall we worthily give thanks to you, O Saints of North America,

who illumined us with the light of Christ?

For you led us from darkness and shadow,

guiding us toward the Uncreated Light,

along the way nourishing us with the Food of the Kingdom.

So today, we who have been enlightened

gather and celebrate your sacred memories

and we pray that our souls may be saved.


Tone 2 — Gospel Stichiron II

The women who were with Mary came carrying sweet spices,

and wondering how they might accomplish their goal;

they saw that the stone had been rolled away.

A young man sent from God calmed the anxiety of their souls,

for he said, “The Lord Jesus is risen!

Proclaim then to His disciples and preachers

that they should hasten to Galilee

and behold Him risen from the dead,

for He is the Lord and Giver of Life.”

and ever… in the same tone

You are most blessed, O Virgin Theotokos,

through the God-man who was born of you,

hell has been captured and Adam recalled.

The curse has been annulled and Eve set free.

Death has been slain, so we are given Life!

Blessed is Christ our God, whose good will it was.

Glory to you!

Great Doxology


First Hour

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom


Resurrection - Tone 1; Church (if of Theotokos); Saints


Resurrection - Tone 1; Glory…; Saints; Now and ever…; Church (if of Theotokos, if not, then “Steadfast Protectress…”


Resurrection - Tone 1

Let Your mercy, O Lord be upon us as we have set our hope on You. [Ps 32:22, LXX]


Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the just! [Ps 32:1, LXX]

Saints — Tone 7

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. [Ps 115:6, LXX]


Romans 2:10–16; Hebrews 11:33–12:1 (Saints)


Resurrection - Tone 1

God gives vengeance to me, and subdues people under me. [Ps 17:48, LXX]


He magnifies the salvation of the king, and deals mercifully with His Christ, with David and his seed forever. [Ps 17:51, LXX]

Saints - Tone 1

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, O you righteous. [Ps 31:11, LXX]


Matthew 4:18–23; Matthew 4:25–5:12 (Saints).

Communion Hymn

Praise the Lord from the Heavens, praise him in the highest. [Ps 148:1]

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the just! [Saints, Ps 32:1, LXX].

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.