Icons of the Church Year

Icons for the Liturgical Seasons of the Year including the Twelve Great Feasts, the Pre-Lenten Sundays, the Lenten Commemorations, Holy Week, Great and Holy Pascha, Bright Week and Paschaltide, and Pentecost and the Sundays of All Saints.

The Twelve Great Feasts

Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Elevation of the Precious Cross
Entrance of the Virgin Mary into the Temple
Nativity of Our Lord
Theophany of Our Lord
Meeting of Our Lord into the Temple
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem
Ascension of Our Lord
Transfiguration of Our Lord
Dormition of the Virgin Mary

The Pre-Lenten Sundays

Sunday of Zacchaeus
Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee
Sunday of the Prodigal Son
Sunday of the Last Judgment
Sunday of Cheesefare (Expulsion of Adam from Paradise)

The Lenten Commemorations

1st Sunday: The Sunday of Orthodoxy
2nd Sunday:  The Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas
Memorial Saturday:  St. Theodore the Recruit
3rd Sunday:  The Sunday of the Cross
4th Sunday:  The Sunday of St. John Climacus
Saturday of the Akathist to Mary: Akathist Icon
5th Sunday:  Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt
Lazarus Saturday: Raising of Lazarus

Holy Week

Palm Sunday: The Feast of the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem
Holy Monday: The Bridegroom
Holy Tuesday: Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins
Holy Wednesday: Washing of the Disciples Feet
Holy Thursday:  Mystical Supper
Holy Thursday: Crucifixion
Holy Friday: Taking down from the Cross
Holy Friday:  The Burial of Our Lord
Holy Saturday: Descent into Hades
Holy Saturday: The Angel at the Tomb

Great and Holy Pascha


Bright Week and Paschal Tide

Bright Friday: Life-giving Spring
2nd Sunday of Pascha:  St. Thomas Sunday
3rd Sunday of Pascha:  Myrrhbearing Women Sunday
4th Sunday of Pascha:  Paralytic Sunday
4th Wednesday of Pascha: Midfeast of Pentecost
5th Sunday of Pascha:  Samaritan Woman Sunday
6th Sunday of Pascha: Blind Man Sunday
6th Wednesday of Pascha:  Leavetaking of Pascha
40 Days after Pascha:  Ascension
7th Sunday of Pascha: Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council
7th Saturday of Pascha:  Memorial Saturday

Pentecost and the Sundays of All Saints

50 Days after Pascha: Great and Holy Pentecost
Pentecost Week: Day of the Holy Spirit
1st Sunday after Pentecost: Sunday of All Saints
2nd Sunday after Pentecost: All Saints of North America

The Lesser Feasts

Lesser feasts of the church year.