Holy Transfiguration Church

North Bank, Alberta

Holy Transfiguration Church

Founded 1953

Diocese: Archdiocese of Canada

Deanery: Alberta Deanery

Mailing address:

c/o Betty Prockiw
Box 238
Andrew, AB T0B 0C0

Parish Contacts

PO Box 691
Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Home: 780-656-3828


The church is located 9 km west and 1 km south of Highway 855 on North Bank Rd.

From Victoria Trail
The church is also accessible from the historic Victoria Trail by travelling 1 km north on Rge Rd 184. The Victoria Trail, part of the famous Carlton Trail from Winnipeg to Edmonton, follows the north bank of the North Saskatchewan River and is accessible from either SH 831 0r SH 855

Schedule of Services

Services are in English.  The parish follows the Old Calendar. Call ahead for dates and times.

Divine Liturgy.  Call ahead for dates and times
Sunday Morning