Venerable Amphilochius, Abbot of Glushetsa

Saint Amphilochius, Abbot of Glushetsa, already a monk of priestly rank, came from Ustiug to Saint Dionysius of Glushetsa (July 1) in the year 1417. Saint Dionysius, learning of the wish of Amphilochius to become an ascetic, told him of the severity and harshness of life in his monastery, but this did not deter the newcomer. Then Saint Dionysius said, “If you wish to dwell here, then we shall make an accord not to be distinct one from another while we dwell upon the earth.” Amphilochius joyfully agreed and vowed to fulfill the rule of the monastery.

The venerable Amphilochius spent twenty years in deeds of fasting, prayer and obedience under the guidance of Saint Dionysius, striving to imitate him in all things and assisting in the work of building up the monastery.

After the death of Saint Dionysius, Saint Amphilochius was the abbot of the Glushetsa monastery for fifteen years. He died peacefully in the year 1452, and was buried alongside his mentor.