Hieromartyr Theogenes, Bishop of Parium on the Hellespont

The Hieromartyr Theogenes was bishop of the Asia Minor city of Parion at the beginning of the fourth century. During the reign of the emperor Licinius (311-324), a coruler with Constantine the Great, the tribune Zalinkinthius demanded that he give up the priesthood, to renounce Christ and to enlist in military service.

When he refused, Saint Theogenes was mercilessly beaten with rods and thrown into prison, where he was not allowed any food. Then they sentenced him to be drowned in the sea. Before his execution, the saint requested time to pray. As he prayed, an extraordinary light shone on him. The sailors and some of the soldiers who were ordered to drown the saint were struck by the light and were converted to Christ. Other soldiers hastened to cast him into the sea.

Saint Theogenes received the unfading crown of martyrdom around the year 320. His body was later taken from the water by Christians and buried at the city walls. At this spot, numerous healings occurred.