Venerable Theodora of Thessalonica

Saint Theodora of Thessalonica. We have no information about Saint Theodora’s birthplace or early life. From a young age, she loved Christ and turned away from worldly pursuits. She entered a women’s monastery, where she struggled in asceticism and adorned her soul with virtues. Regarding the other sisters as worthy of honor, she was obedient to all, especially to the abbess. Even after her death, Saint Theodora was a model for the nuns of a pure and blameless life.

Years after the saint’s blessed repose, the abbess also departed to the heavenly habitations. When they dug the grave to bury the abbess, they uncovered the relics of Saint Theodora. Just as though she were still alive, she moved over in order to make room for the abbess. When those present witnessed this remarkable event they cried, “Lord, have mercy!”

Many miracles were worked through Saint Theodora’s holy relics. Those who came to venerate her were healed of all manner of diseases, or freed from the power of demons. Therefore, the faithful continue to celebrate her memory.

Saint Theodora should not be confused with the other Saint Theodora of Thessalonica who is commemorated on August 29.