Righteous Lot

The Righteous Forefather Abraham (“Father of a multitude”) and his nephew Lot (“veil”) lived around 2000 B.C.

The Righteous Lot is regarded as the progenitor of the Moabites and the Ammonites.He lived in Sodom with his wife and two daughters, a righteous man living in the midst of wicked people. The citizens of Sodom despised him as a newcomer, and also hated him for his upright life, hospitality, and obedience to God.

Lot’s efforts to turn them from their wickedness only increased their wrath. As fire consumed the city, Lot and his family were led to safety by an angel.

Abraham and Lot are also commemorated with Christ’s ancestors according to the flesh on the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers (between December 11 and 17).