Saint Niketas the Confessor of Paphlagonia

Saint Niketas the Confessor of Paphlagonia was a patrician at the imperial court during the reigns of the empress Irene and her son Constantine. He represented the empress Irene at the Seventh Ecumenical Council in 787, though his name does not appear in the Acts of the Council. He also assisted at the transfer of the relics of Saint Euphemia (September 16).

Renouncing all positions and honors, Niketas decided to become a monk. At the request of the emperor, he did not go into the wilderness, but rather remained in a monastery in the capital. When the Iconoclast Theophilus occupied the imperial throne, the venerable Niketas was banished from the monastery by the heretics for opposing the heresy. He wandered for a long time throughout the country.

Saint Niketas died at the age of seventy-five about the year 838. During his life and after his death he worked many miracles.