Apostle Simeon, of the Seventy, the son of Cleophas

Hieromartyr Simeon, Kinsman of the Lord, Apostle of the Seventy was the son of Cleopas, younger brother of Saint Joseph the Betrothed. He witnessed the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ, believed in Him and became one of the Seventy Apostles. Saint Simeon preached the Gospel of Christ, proclaimed the truths of the Faith, and denounced idolatry.

After the killing of Saint James, the first Bishop of Jerusalem (October 23) the Christians chose Saint Simeon in his place. During the reign of Emperor Trajan (98-117) it was reported to the Roman governor Atticus that Saint Simeon was descended from the lineage of King David (the Romans exterminated all the descendants of King David) and was confessing the Christian faith. The pagans seized Saint Simeon, who at that time was already one hundred years old. After lengthy torture, they crucified him.

Eusebius mentions Saint Simeon in his ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY (Books 2:22, 3:11, 3:32).