Apostle Herodion of the Seventy

Saint Herodion (Rodion) was one of the Seventy Apostles chosen and sent forth to preach by Christ (Luke 10:1).

Herodion was a relative of Saint Paul, and his companion on many journeys. When Christianity had spread to the Balkan Peninsula, the Apostles Peter and Paul established Saint Herodion as Bishop of Patara. Saint Herodion zealously preached the Word of God and converted many of the Greek pagans and Jews to Christianity.

Enraged by the preaching of the disciple, the idol-worshippers and Jews with one accord fell upon Saint Herodion, and they began to beat him with sticks and pelt him with stones. One of the mob struck him with a knife, and the saint fell down. But when the murderers were gone, the Lord restored him to health unharmed.

Saint Herodion accompanied the Apostle Paul for years afterward. When the holy Apostle Peter was crucified (+ ca. 67), Saint Herodion and Saint Olympas were beheaded by the sword at the same time.

Saint Herodion endured fierce sufferings for Christ and was found worthy of a martyr’s crown. He is also commemorated on November 10.