Martyr Gelasius

Saint Gelasius, the holy martyr of Christ, lived during a time of fierce persecution. He gave away all his property and possessions to the poor, put on a long white garment, and went to visit those who were facing martyrdom.

Since these Christians had been tortured in various ways, Saint Gelasius kissed their wounds and encouraged them to remain steadfast in their confession of Christ. When the pagans saw him doing this they seized him and brought him before their ruler. When he was questioned he proclaimed Christ as the true God, denouncing the idols as deaf and inanimate objects.

The governor mocked him and had him flogged. Finally, he ordered that the saint’s head be cut off, and so Saint Gelasius received the unfading crown of martyrdom from the Lord.

This saint should not be confused with the third century saint Gelasius (one of the ten martyrs of Crete, commemorated on December 23), Saint Gelasius of Palestine (December 31), nor with Saint Gerasimus the actor of Heliopolis (February 27).