Seven Martyred Brothers: Orentius, Pharnacius, Eros, Firmus, Firminus, Cyriacus, and Longinus, in Georgia

Saints Orentios, Pharnakios, Erotas, Phirmos, Phirminos, Kyriakos, and Longinus were brothers, who were known for their courage and served as soldiers in Thrace during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

During a battle with the Scythians, Saint Orentios killed their fierce and intrepid leader, Mararon. He received many honors for this achievement, but then he was asked to participate in a sacrifice that was being offered to the idols in thanksgiving for his victory. The Christian hero absolutely refused to do this, declaring that he had defeated his foe by the power of Jesus Christ, whom he worshiped as the one true God. They did not punish him right away, because of his bravery, but he and his brothers were detained.

After some time, they were questioned. All seven declared, as with one mouth, that they would remain faithful to Christ until their last breath, and that the Savior would judge them on the Last Day. After saying this, they were sentenced to exile in the Caucasus.

One after another, the seven brothers died on the journey from their hardships and suffering. but they endured their afflictions without complaint. Erotas was the first to depart this life; he perished at Parembol on June 22. Next, Orentios was thrown into the sea with a stone tied around his neck. Pharnakios reposed on July 3 at Kordila. Phirmos and Phirminos received their heavenly crowns on July 7 at Aspara on the eastern shores of the Black Sea. Kyriakos went to the Lord on July 14 at Ziganeia, and Longinus gave his soul into God's hands on July 28 while on board a ship. The storm-tossed vessel went aground at Pitinda (Pitsnda), and so the last holy martyr was buried there.

We pray to these holy martyrs to protect us from our enemies. In Greek usage these saints are commemorated on June 25.