Saint Leucius of Volokolamsk

Saint Leucius of Volokolamsk was the founder of the Dormition monastery on the Ruza River (the monastery was located 32 versts from the city of Volokolamsk and 2 versts from the village of Seredo-Stratilatsk).

Saint Leucius was a disciple of Saint Paphnutius of Borov (May 1) and an associate of Saint Joseph of Volokolamsk (September 9). The time of the founding of the monastery by Saint Leucius might perhaps be determined from the remnants of the Life of Saint Daniel of Pereyaslavl (April 7). Saint Daniel upon his arrival at the Borov monastery in the year 1466 was entrusted by Saint Paphnutius to the Elder Leucius as an experienced ascetic in the spiritual life.

After ten years, i.e. in 1476, the Elder and his disciple settled in the Volokolamsk region, where they dwelt together for another two years in founding the monastery. After this Saint Daniel went to Pereyaslavl. It is conjectured that Saint Leucius was 62 years of age at the founding of the monastery. Having raised up a monastery, he became known throughout the surrounding region for his ascetic life. According to Tradition, Saint Leucius died in extreme old age at the end of the fifteenth century. He was buried in the monastery he founded.

In the manuals of iconography the monk is listed under July 27: “He was greyed, and a beard like Saint Sergius, his hair uncovered, a schema on his shoulders, in his hands a staff, and monastic garb.”

The commemoration of Saint Leucius is observed both on December 14 and on August 17, on the Feast of the Holy Martyr Leucius.