New Martyr Demetrius of Samarina in Epirus

The holy monk Demetrios was born in the village of Samarina, in the Pindos region of Greece in the late XVIII century. He became a monk in the monastery of his homeland, where he exhausted his body and soul with fasting. After the suppression of an insurrection by Ali Pasha in 1808, which was inspired by Father Euthymios Vlakhavas, Saint Demetrios came out of his monastery and went to the neighboring villages preaching the Word of God, comforting the villagers, and giving them hope. Ali Pasha thought that Father Demetrios had also been preaching rebellion, but the monk said that he was only trying to strengthen the Christians in their faith, and urging them to respect the law. The Pasha did not believe him, so he ordered him to be subjected to cruel tortures.

The executioners pierced his arms with nails and then placed pieces of wood under the nails of his hands and feet. An iron band was placed around his forehead. This was tightened and produced excruciating pain. All the while they told him to name his fellow conspirators. Saint Demetrios remained silent, and he was thrown into prison. Later, he was hanged upside down, with a fire under his head. A certain Turk, after witnessing the courage of the Saint, believed in Christ and then he suffered martyrdom.

Next, Ali Pasha sealed Demetrios into a wall, leaving only his head out to prolong the torture. The Martyr survived for ten days, then he surrendered his soul to God on August 17,1808.