Martyr Peter Apselamus of Palestine

The Holy Martyr Peter Apselamus was a native of the village of Aneia in Palestine. During the fourth century persecution against Christians he was arrested and brought to Severus, the governor of Palestine. In vain did the judge and the people urge him to escape torture by sacrificing to the pagan gods.

“I will spare myself by remaining faithful to the truth and refusing to offer sacrifice to lifeless idols,” the saint replied. “Whoever offers sacrifice to false gods will perish.”

Severus was enraged, and ordered the holy martyr to be tortured without mercy. Finally, he was crucified during the reign of Maximian, while our Lord Jesus Christ was reigning unto the ages of ages.

In some Lives of the Saints he is listed twice: on January 12 as the martyr Peter Apselamus, and on January 13 as Peter of Aneia, because it was mistakenly assumed that they were different persons.