Hieromartyr Cindeus the Presbyter of Pamphylia

The Hieromartyr Cindeus was a presbyter in the village of Side, in Pamphylia, Asia Minor. During the time of the persecution against Christians by the emperor Diocletian (284-305), Cindeus was arrested as a Christian and sentenced to burning. The soldiers leading him to execution along the way encountered a wood-cutter with a large bundle of firewood, and they confiscated the firewood as kindling for the fire. Cindeus himself paid the man 30 copper coins for the wood, and then he took up the burden upon his own shoulders and carried it to the place of execution.

With the help of God, Cindeus even in the fire remained a steadfast warrior of Christ, and in the flames he found the strength to urge the people standing about to accept the true Faith and the grace of the Lord. Then a strong thunderstorm sprang up, and the fire went out. When the storm abated, the holy martyr peacefully surrendered his soul to Christ.

A pagan priest who had listened to the preaching of the holy Martyr Cindeus was present at his martyrdom. The priest and his wife were converted to Christ, and were baptized. They arranged for the burial of the holy Martyr Cindeus.