Martyrs Julian and his wife, Basilissa, and those with them in Egypt

The Holy Martyr Julian was born in the Egyptian city of Antinoe, and to satisfy his parents he entered into marriage with the noble and rich maiden, Basilissa. Though married, the spouses remained virginal. Upon the death of their parents they built two monasteries: one for men, and one for women. They themselves became monastics and headed these monasteries.

In the year 313, during the reign of Diocletian, Saint Julian suffered cruelly for his faith in Christ. By his bravery he converted Celsius, the son of his torturer the hegemon Marcian, and his wife, Marionilla. Having resurrected a dead pagan, the saint also converted him. The converts received Baptism from the priest Anthony. In Baptism the pagan was named Anastasius (i.e. “Resurrected”). After being locked in prison, they all received the crown of martyrdom, won through beheading by the sword. Also with them were twenty soldiers and seven youths.