Synaxis of the Saints of Kostroma

The saints of Kostroma include

Saint Abramius of Galich, or Chukhloma Lake (July 20)

Saint Adrian of Monza (May 5)

Saint Alexander of Galich, abbot of Voche (March 27)

Saint Barnabas abbot of Verluga (June 11)

Saint Cyril of New Lake (February 4, November 7)

Saint Cyril of White Lake (June 9)

Saint Dionysius, Archbishop of Suzdal (June 26, October 15)

Saint Gennadius, abbot of Kostroma (August 19)

Saint Gregory, abbot of Pelshme, wonderworker of Vologda (September 30)

Saint James of Brileev (April 11)

Saint James of Galich Monastery (April 4, May 30)

Saint James of Zheleznoborovsk (April 11, May 5)

Saint Jonah, Metropolitan of Moscow (March 31, May 27, June 15)

Saint Macarius, abbot of Zheltovod and Unzha (July 25)

Saint Macarius of Pisma Monastery (January 10)

Saint Metrophanes, bishop of Voronezh (August 7, September 4, November 23)

Saint Pachomius, abbot of Nerekhta (March 21, May 15)

Saint Paisius, abbot of Galich (May 23)

Saint Paul of Obnora (January 10, October 7)

Saint Therapon of Monza (May 27, December 1).