Venerable Euthymius, Enlightener of Karelia and Finland

Saints Euthymius, Anthony, and Felix lived a life of asceticism in Karelia about the year 1410. Saint Euthymius founded the Karelian Nikolaev monastery. Hardly had he completed the church of Saint Nicholas and several cells, than Norwegians descended upon the monastery, burned the church and killed several of the monks in 1419. Saint Euthymius decided to rebuild.

The noble Martha asked prayers at the monastery for her sons who died in 1418. Exploring the land, the young brothers perished at the mouth of the North Dvina River, and they were buried at the Karelian Nikolaev monastery.

In life, they were distinguished for their works of charity. Their names were listed in the manuscript Lives of the Saints of the Karelian monastery. A chapel was built over the graves of the holy brothers, and in the year 1719, a church in honor of the Meeting of the Lord.

Saint Euthymius was glorified for his apostolic labors in the enlightenment of the people of Karelia. He died in the year 1435, and his relics were uncovered in 1647. There is a service to Saints Euthymius, Anthony and Felix.

Saint Euthymius is also listed under January 20 in the “Iconographic Originals” because of his namesake Saint Euthymius the Great.