Venerable Theodore, Wonderworker and Hermit of the Jordan

Saint Theodore the Wonderworker lived during the sixth century. In his youth he forsook the world in order to become a monk, withdrawing into the Jordanian wilderness. He lived a life of asceticism, and so he received from God the gift of wonderworking. Once, while he was journeying to Constantinople by ship, the ship went off course. Soon they ran out of drinking water, and the travelers were nearly dead from thirst. Saint Theodore prayed to God and made the Sign of the Cross over the sea. Then he told the sailors to draw some water from the sea and drink it. When they did so, they discovered that the water was fresh.

The passengers began to thank the saint and to honor him for saving them by providing fresh water. Saint Theodore said that they ought to thank God, who had performed this miracle because of His love for mankind. In his humility, he told them that it was not the result of his unworthy prayers.

Saint Theodore departed to the Lord in the year 583.